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Over the past year, including laser display, VR/AR, 3D holography, including the forefront of intelligent display technology in the multimedia audio-visual applications market has high light performance, in 2016 was regarded as the first year of 30mw laser pointer display. With the end of last year, the color TV giant Changhong heavy launch CHiQ laser theater series of new products, the strength of the laser show camp and further enhance the right to speak. Recently, Changhong, Hisense and other manufacturers have said in 2017 to increase the popularity of laser tv.

Laser display with flexible display trend, by the industry as the fourth generation display technology. Because it is a reflection of natural light, laser display is also the most healthy display. In addition to high brightness, long life, wide color gamut, low power consumption and other technical advantages, but also can achieve large size display and holographic three-dimensional imaging.

CHiQ burning laser pointer theater developed by Changhong as an example, has the world's first ultra high efficiency laser optics and optical Finel heart flexible screen. The built-in electric focusing function, easy 80-150 inches ultra short focus precision, achieve 120%NTSC ultra wide color gamut, and collocation 5.1 channel audio theater, the user can bring the distinguished private cinema experience. From the quality point of view, regardless of the clarity or color richness, laser theaters are close to restore the true color of things, the sound effect has reached the theater level. Therefore, from the view of sound quality, laser display technology have been even beyond LED, OLED current. From the application of large screen display technology at this stage, the laser shows a more cost advantage, which is the first to show the laser in the high-end large screen market segments super LED, OLED created the necessary conditions." Insiders pointed out.

laser pointer

Data display appliance business platform, Changhong released the latest CHiQ green laser pointer theater price less than 50 thousand yuan, currently on the market of other brands of 90 inch LCD TV prices are 90 thousand yuan, 100 inch price is as high as 130 thousand yuan, more part of the brand is priced at 150 thousand yuan. The OLED TV technology is still unable to achieve a larger size of the breakthrough, the current maximum size of only 86 inches. According to industry estimates, two years after the LCD TV, OLED TV prices will remain at a high level, while the laser TV price is expected to fall to 20 thousand yuan or less, the popularity of laser TV is very favorable.

With the traditional LCD TV era of domestic brands, lack of core and less screen, in the field of laser TV, Changhong, Hisense, etc. in the field of laser display has been up to 10 years of technology accumulation. At present, Changhong has completely independent master high power laser pointer machine, optical screen, laser host independent design and manufacturing capacity, can ensure the quality of products. In addition, Changhong has many years of intensive independent sales channels, can achieve the line, line, system integration, education and a full range of sales, to promote the laser display the size of the product quantity.

Another difference is that the laser TV industry, in addition to Changhong and other traditional TV manufacturers, as well as many laser projection manufacturers to join them. Statistics show that only the laser projector manufacturers have reached more than and 20, in recent years have entered the field of engineering from the field of cross-border.

Color TV consumption upgrade, the screen is growing, the user needs to change the driving force of red laser pointer display technology into the family living room." Industry observers said. According to the forecast data of the PRC, 65 inches and above products market share will reach 8.7% in 2018. By 2020, more than 70 inch LCD TV market share will reach 10%. With the laser display market will enter a full-blown period, the expansion of the size of the laser theater and lower prices, is expected to occupy more than 70 inches of product market share of 40%.

At the end of last year, Changhong announced the establishment of a special division responsible for promoting the laser theater. The day before, Hisense also announced in 2017 will increase the popularity of laser tv. It can be said that under the guidance of Changhong, Hisense and other manufacturers, following the black and white TV, color TV, LCD TV, laser display technology driven laser TV is about to enter the outbreak period. Some experts predict that the next 5 to 10 years, laser TV will enter the ordinary family, creating tens of billions of annual output value. Among them, as a technology leader in cheap laser pointer display, Changhong is expected to strengthen the competitiveness of the product through the big screen entertainment, and further optimize the product structure, the transition to high value-added.

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